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(855) 854-9016
P.O. Box 1394 Trenton, NJ 08607

Volunteer-Friendly Homeless Organizations

Sign up and contribute some of your time, skills, and talents to homeless organizations like Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., in Trenton, New Jersey, and discover the volunteer-friendly vibe we have. You can apply online, and our people will get in touch with you right away. Click here for Contact Form

People Who Love People

Your genuine interest in people matters to us because we love people who love to treat other people beautifully. Volunteers get oriented about how we operate, and we explain everything that needs to be done, together with information about organizational regulations and technical aspects.

The Work Involved

The events we hold to give away the donated items takes place twice a year. Our goal is to hold the charity events once a month. Each event usually requires approximately 40 volunteers to help load and unload equipment, set up tables, assist our guests, and clean up, etc.

Contact us in Trenton, New Jersey, to learn more about how you can make nonprofit
homeless organizations matter more with your time, skills, and talents. 

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