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Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. is very much needed in the community with all of the issues going on in the city.  The people need encouraging and uplifting.  This charity will touch the hearts and minds of many who need help not only with the tangible, but with spiritual and emotional also.  I’m glad to be a part of this blessed event. 
–Christopher A.

 I,Ms. Sandra B., is a new volunteer of the organization.  I like the way this organization is helping the community. 
–Ms. Sandra B.

I really love the ministry, Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. I was there when she first got started and I know where God has brought her from.  What a blessing God has done with her life and with her ministry.  He used her in all of her performances for Him. 
–Patricia C.

I think the charity is an awesome way to give back to help the people in the community.  A lot of people are struggling in life so to have someone willing to help out is very wonderful.  Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., makes sure people leave the charity events with a smile on their face, a good meal and furniture.  I’m sure that the community appreciates everything this charity is doing.  
– Timeka C.

At a time when employment is difficult to obtain, many are desperately in need of help to meet the most basic of needs. At times it would seem that they have no place to turn.  Then there is Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., which is a blessing for all who come in contact with it because not only do they have the desire to help those in need, but all of the staff extend hope and help without judgment.  Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., is rare in that they selflessly create a place free of embarrassment or shame.
The “Charity Is Love” events are a transformative experience as GMC, Inc. strives to elevate the community mentally, physically and emotionally. From the moment people enter the event they may arrive in fear, shame or disappointment for having need, but Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. erases the fear and doubt and eliminates the disappointment through acts of love and introduction to faith. 

It’s not always easy to offer hospitality, especially to strangers or people we don’t really know that well.  Sometimes guests can abuse or take advantage of your hospitality which can be disheartening.  But, Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., remains enthused about sharing our lives and mutual hospitality of giving and receiving which allows us to partake in God’s mission of reconciling the world and in God’s inclusiveness of all people. 

It is amazing how performing a small task for the benefit of someone else makes such a big impact on the community as a whole. 
–Taunya C.

Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., is a wonderful charitable organization and as far as I know, there hasn’t been many charities, that do what we do or go as far as our servicing to help those in need. I truly believe that this charitable organization will be the organization that can serve millions and billions of people across the world, whether it be with food, clothes, furniture, finances or even medical.  After all, it is led by God and it’s been growing ever since the beginning. 

For years, by God's grace, it's been my aunt, Gwendolyn Miller, who has been financing for the sustenance of the charity, which has helped people in Trenton and other areas in New Jersey. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done to run the charity, so my Aunt Gwen, retired from her full time job, in order to do the work of the charity.  However, the funds she supplied are no longer available. We are hoping to branch out across the United States and the entire world.  And I stand in the gap to ask for your help to make this possible. 
–Donald MF, III.

Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Incorporated is an awesome ministry that God called Ms. Gwendolyn Miller to do what she has a remarkable gift for and that is caring.  What makes Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. different from other giving organizations is that it’s not just a charity… it’s a ministry.  It’s led by God and it has many other entities under this huge umbrella of ministry.  Yes, we give away donated food, clothes and household items and furniture, but we also minister to the people in need of spiritual healing and comfort.  I have noticed that other organizations that give away donations to the communities usually sell them for a small price, but what about those who don’t have the funds to pay for a plate of food, or an article of clothing, or a household item? What about the one who does not have a dollar to pay, but need the item?               

We here at Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., by the Grace of God, take care of those in the communities who have nothing. Everything we give is totally and absolutely free!!!  In addition, we counsel and minister the word of God to the people who need to be encouraged. We have a dance ministry, a youth ministry, a church ministry and other entities under this huge charity.  So, yes we need all the help we can get to help God’s people and save lost souls. 
–Donielle F.

Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. is an excellent idea. The vision is truly an event of love.  The community is in need of care and the charity is set to meet that need. Showing hospitality is our duty as Christians and GMC, Inc. exemplifies the will of God. 
–Miriam H.

  The services are needed.  There are many people with a variety of needs, such as, food, shelter and furniture, etc. 
–Monroe L.

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude for Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc.  This organization is much needed in the community.  The events that have been held so far have been excellent.  The people that attend the events are there for a hand up.  It provides free food, clothing, toys, furniture, hope, care, happiness, etc.  It’s standing room only.  I have done my share of volunteering throughout the years, however, this concept and method definitely works. Just to see the smiles on the people’s faces provides an inner satisfaction.  Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. is truly a blessing to everyone that is involved. The volunteers are from elementary school aged children up to the seasoned 70's and up. Just to see the various range of generations share one goal which is to offer assistance to those in need.  I know that more can be done with much needed funding.  More people would be able to be assisted.  The venue will need to be larger due to the demand of need.

Children, families and individuals all are affected by poverty. The needs aren’t always met at home. The government can only do so much. That’s why it is so important for the charity to assist and meet the demand that seems to be so very present in this country. The rise of unemployment and the underemployed are truly rising. The children are the ones who suffer the most. 

My son and I have volunteered at various types of charities throughout the years.  I can truly say this has been the most heartfelt organization in which the founder has affected everyone in a positive way.  The message is clear.  People need help and Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. is working real hard to assist with the help. 
–Gwen Mc.

Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., is a way for giving the underprivileged people a step up in life.  The reason why I like to volunteer is because I like to give back to the community.  Help and hope are spread to the people who need it. There is a great need for food, clothing, furniture, etc. and Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. has been assisting in a great way.  It’s really nice to have this charity to help the needs of many people.  I know a lot more can be done especially if financial help is given. 

Since I am a teenager, I’m looked upon differently.  I try my best to help others by volunteering.  It’s also helping me gain volunteer hours for the private Christian High School that I attend as well. I want to set a positive example to show others that young men of my generation care about others as well.,  I felt such a great sense of comfort when I first arrived at the meeting for the July event. Everyone was kind and it helped me relax and speak in a public forum.  I know that this charity is going to make a difference in the lives of others and I want to help with that as well. 
–Taj Mc.

On behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his local Student Coordinator, Richard Muhammad, we thank Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. for the opportunity to network with them in their community’s endeavor. In my humble opinion, our community benefits from Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc.(GMC, Inc.) in a variety of ways including, unlimited love. They are able to give away clothes for every family member, children’s toys, literature, food, personal care packets, furniture along with local resource contacts and services. Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. have made a profound impact in the city of Trenton, NJ for service to the homeless, jobless and to the community at large. I believe GMC, Inc.’s missionary work is right on time. 
–Sister Evelyn M.    

I, Barbara O., want to tell you about a special person, Gwendolyn Miller.  She is an awesome and beautiful person.  The thing that she does for the community is love them.  She is always helping people.  She always has a smile on her face and she is a warm person to work with.  I worked with her for five years in the ministry, and she is a great person.  God Bless. 
–Barbara O.

I feel that this is an awesome move of God and I’m so happy to be a part of this. I think it's different because we're ministering through the arts.  
–Billy R.

First I would like to say how proud I am to be a volunteer for God and for Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc.  This was the first time I volunteered and it was great.  My heart was touched.  All the giving was not in vain.  Great people were on our team.  May God be the glory. 
–Gloria S.

I have found the Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc., to be precisely what the people are in need of.  Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Christmas event at the West Ward Community Center and it was simply mind blowing.  Let me say that I was in total awe of the outpouring of the community and the quantity of the donated items.  It was truly a joy to see the looks on the children’s faces as they played with their new toys. Watching the mothers gather bags of clothing for themselves and their children was truly an inspiration; and made me want to do more in my giving back.  And best of all, seeing so many families being fed physically and spiritually was simply amazing. The prayer that went out was truly heartfelt and essential to the needs of the people. I cannot wait to be a part of the next event in July, and to once again witness firsthand the power of God. Gwendolyn has an amazing ministry that truly aids in addressing and helping people to get to a brighter tomorrow. 
–LaToya T.

What makes Gwendolyn Miller Charities, Inc. different is the fact that the people who are volunteering AREN’T different.  They are no different than the public that they serve. They don’t see the table they are standing behind as a barrier between them and the public, but instead as something that everyone can leave their burdens on and walk away feeling loved and supported. The volunteers have the same open hearts, open minds, and open hands that the community has, it’s just that they have a little more strength to reach out and pull someone with them towards victory and success – fully aware that tomorrow they may be on the other side of the table.
What makes GMC, Inc. different? The fact that we know that we are all in this together. 
–Aja W.

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